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        Mission Statement

        The mission of the San Pablo Economic Development Corporation (San Pablo EDC) is to develop, diversify, and stabilize the local economy.

        Programs and Services

        The?SPEDC offers workshops, training, and classes for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals. Offerings are a mix of programs that we develop and deliver ourselves as well as those provided by partner organizations.

        For Business

        We value our businesses, and we tailor campaigns, workshops, and classes to meet clients’ needs and advance goals. We partner with other professional organizations to provide you with the best resources and a more vibrant mix of contacts. Our goal is to advance not only your skills, marketing, and effectiveness but also your professional network. Let us know how we can help your business grow and succeed.

        For Workforce

        We provide our workforce access to education and training, including job readiness, skills training, and bilingual computer literacy programs. We aim to provide paths to gainful employment in areas of the economy that are stable or growing so that our workforce is a capable, adaptable and able to advance careers. Refer to our complete list of programs to see the training and certification options available.?