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        New Business

        New Business

        Make your business a reality with these resources to help you start growing your ideas. The San Pablo EDC acts as a resource center to help business owners located in San Pablo to open or build their businesses. Let’s get you everything you need to succeed.

        Plan Your Business

        Every successful business idea starts with a plan. A business plan will help you outline the steps, goals, and priorities your business needs to succeed. In San Pablo, you will need a business plan to obtain your business license.

        Get Financing

        You will use your business plan to get the financing you need to start your business. Connect to the resources that can help you obtain capital needed to get your business started.

        Pick A Location

        Whether you are homebased or are a brick-and-mortar business, choosing where to set up your business is a critical step. These resources will help you with site selection, zoning requirements, and lease agreements.

        Building & Inspections

        Before you can open your business, you will need to have ?passed your industry specific inspections. If you are not going to be a homebased business, you will need to have your building inspected as well.

        Permits & Licensing

        Explore this list of the most common ?businesses and what it takes to get them going. These Starter Kits include relevant permits, resources, and guides developed to help you bring your business idea to fruition.

        Grand Openings

        SPEDC welcomes all new business in San Pablo with a free ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony. It’s a great service to get free exposure and marketing.?

        Marketing Your Business

        Do you know how to effectively marketing your business? Business owners should create strong marketing strategies to keep their market presence strong. Learn the marketing basics.

        Business Workshops

        Our business workshops are held in partnership with business leaders, financial professionals, and local community organizations. All workshops we host are of no-cost and is open to the public.